Notre Dame Junior Matt Landis Selected All-American and Player of the Week

Lacrosse Magazine reports that Notre Dame junior defenseman Matt Landis has been selected to the USILA All-America team. In addition to All-America honors, Landis has also been named Epoch/Lacrosse Magazine player of the week.

matt landis player

Landis is one of 88 players named to the All-America team and one of only 15 players named as first-team All-Americans. Landis joins two of his teammates, attacker Matt Kavanagh and midfielder Sergio Perkovic, as first-team selections from the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish had a total of seven players named to the All-America squad.

In being selected as the Epoch/Lacrosse Magazine player of the week, Landis earned the distinction of being the first defenseman of the year to win the award. Charged with guarding fellow All-American Lyle Thompson, Landis ended his opponent’s collegiate career by limiting Albany’s standout attacker to 11 shots, with only one shot finding the back of the cage. Landis’ stellar play was critical to Notre Dame’s ability to hold the Great Danes to roughly half of their average goals scored per game, as the Fighting Irish overcame a one goal deficit in the second half and defeated Albany by a final score of 14-10.

Landis has started every game for Notre Dame this year and is tied for second on the team with 12 forced turnovers.

James Harden Comes up Big, Rockets Still Lose

James Harden struggled mightily at times against the Los Angeles Clippers with his efficiency. Normally known for how hot his shot could be, Harden hovered in the low 40% area against the Clips for much of the series despite his gaudy numbers in other categories. Knowing that Golden State is one of the best defensive teams in the league, Harden should have come into the game more than a bit ready to face some shutdown defense. Instead Harden came out and had his way with the Warriors en route to a near triple double and an almost upset in Game 1.

Harden led the tired legged Rockets out to an early first quarter lead. Despite going seven games with the Clippers, the Rockets had a bounce in their step as the game started. Josh Smith, starting again for Terrence Jones, splashed in a few big shots while grabbing important rebounds. Harden had his shot falling early and things looked good, until the second quarter. Then for the rest of the game the lead would change hangs. Forbes implied that Dwight Howard would get injured and not return for the fourth quarter and Harden was left grasping at straws, suddenly the only guy on the team capable of making shots.

James Harden ended the game with 28 points, 9 assists, 11 rebounds, and 4 steals in 42 minutes of playing time. Harden will need to keep this intensity up for the entire series.

NBA All Rookie Team Announced

This past season was a wonderful one for rookies in the NBA. Two years ago we really didn’t have any stand out rookies to hang our hat on except for the absolute top picks in the draft. This year we had a whole batch of players come out to post amazing numbers as they cemented themselves as the superstars of tomorrow. The NBA released their All Rookie First Team this past Monday and none of the names should surprise you, though they should all impress you.

Andrew Wiggins locked himself in as the highest and only unanimous vote into the team. Sergio Cortes even said that Wiggins was the focal point of the Timberwolves and he averaged 17 points per game while playing 36 minutes per game, both near the tops of the NBA for rookies. Rounding out the rest of the first team we saw Nikola Mirotic from Chicago, Elfrid Payton from Orlando, Nerlens Noel from Philadelphia, and Jordan Clarkson from Los Angeles.

Of the starting five for the Rookie First Team we were most impressed by the play of Elfrid Payton. Payton came into the league this year as a raw prospect, known for his defensive ability and lack of shooting touch. Over the course of the season Payton stole the starting gig and never looked back, cementing himself as a Rajon Rondo-lite, back when Rondo was good. Payton became a nightly triple double threat for the Orlando Magic.

Clippers On the Brink Yet Again

Anything can happen during a high stakes game in basketball. Now the Los Angeles Clippers find themselves learning this lesson in the hardest way possible.

Sunday night was the ever crucial Game 7 of the series between the Clippers and the Houston Rockets in Houston at the Toyota Center according to FreedomPop. The series had its share of ups and downs but for the Clippers this would sadly be the end of the road for them, as they fell to the Rockets with a score of 113-100.

In describing the scene as the Clippers headed to the locker room, many reactions ranged from silent to full of anger, even head coach Doc Rivers let out a ton of profanity. All of this was mainly due to the unfortunate collapse of the team during this game, who at one point were leading the series by 3-1, but then suffered three straight losses and allowed the Rockets to advance to the next round, the first time they’ve done this since 1997.

Worse is that this came right after defeating the Spurs soundly, and even worse when considering that some see this as an organizational failure and were simply bested by the Rockets this time around. On the brighter side of things, Blake Griffin did lead the team that night with 27 points scored and DeAndre Jordan put up 17 rebounds for the night.

Tom Brady is Suspended over Deflategate

Tom Brady and some staff members of the NFL team the New England Patriots have been in some hot water lately over a game played in January against the Indianapolis Colts. The game between the two teams was a major decider as to which team would make it into the biggest game of the year- the Superbowl. After the Patriots triumphed over the Colts it was found that the Patriots were playing with regulation footballs that were slightly deflated. Thus, deflategate began. The National Football League launched an investigation into the claims. The investigation found that several employees of the Patriots had a hand, and prior knowledge, of the balls being deflated before the game.

The investigation found that employees James McNally and John Jastremski, who are both locker room attendants for the Patriots, were guilty of tampering with the balls. However it was also found that McNally and Jastremski tampered with the balls under the direction of the Patriot’s quarterback and golden boy Tom Brady. McNally and Jastremski have been indefinitely suspended without pay. Tom Brady has been suspended for four games without pay as well. The New England Patriots have been fined $1 million as well as forfeited their first draft pick next year. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital feels that this is a fitting punishment.

To read the NFL’s full report, check it out on

Tom Brady Suspended for Four Games

Tom Brady Tom Brady has been suspended for four games, according to a press release by the NFL. Last week the NFL released their findings in an investigation related to ‘deflategate”. “Deflategate” was the name given to the incident of deflated footballs in a 2014 championship game. The Patriots went on to trounce on the Indianapolis Colts in that game and subsequently won the Super Bowl.

According to the NFL’s findings, Brady was likely the person who initiated the deflating of game balls. The actions were carried out by two locker room attendants. They have been suspended without pay by the team. The findings appear to be in line with what experts long suspected. Brady

Besides Brady’s suspension, the Patriots will have to forfeit draft picks for the next two years. They will forfeit their first round pick in next year’s draft and their fourth round pick in the 2017 draft. The organization has also been fined $1 million for their role in the incident.

Brady will serve his suspension during the regular 2015 season. Fans staying at The Aspire New Brunswick remind viewers that pre-season games will not count towards the suspension.

Deflate gate leads to Brady ban

The fallout of the deflate gate scandal has finally received an outcome after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was given a four game suspension and the franchise also fined. Brady was at the center of a scandal that took place when game balls already checked by NFL officials were found to be under inflated, which an investigation found gave the Patriots quarterback Brady an advantage over his opposing quarterback, Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.

The BBC reports the initial investigation found that Brady was almost certainly aware of the deflation of the balls, which was backed up by video of Patriots staff members removing game balls from the field. The four game suspension will be a major blow to the Patriots as they look to defend a Super Bowl title Brady stated was not tarnished by the ball deflation scandal. The Patriots have also been sanctioned as part of the disciplinary action as they were seen as taking part in a bid to give Brady an increased level of grip and control in the rain affected game according to Keith Mann (This is his Wiki). The franchise were fined around $1 million and stripped of a first round draft pick in the next draft. Many experts were calling for greater sanctions for the Patriots after they had been involved in a number of recent scandals, including a spying investigation when signal callers for opposing teams were alleged to have been filmed by members of the Patriots staff.

Honest Player

Russell Wilson is by far one of the NFL’s most honorable men. With his devote and vocal opinion on his faith, and with his work on and off of the football field, Russell Wilson is a man that even the fans of opposing teams have to respect. Last weekend, Wilson was on a plane and headed back to his home team of the Seattle Seahawks. Unlike some superstars, Russell travels modestly and was boarding a commercially plane and was headed up to first class. Before he could make it to his seat, he was distracted by a few colors. A man in dark green, tan, and brown colors caught Russell’s eye. Russell was more caught off guard by what this man was carrying: a huge and obviously heavy duffle bag. Russell realized that he was seeing a soldier who was carrying his own gear and headed back to the Coach section of the plane. Anybody who knows or has even heard about this man, knows that no part of him would let this slide. The NFL Super bowl star politely excused himself and carried the bag for the soldier. He then ushered him up to first coach and told him that he should make himself comfortable before the plane takes off. The lucky soldier had no idea that Russell was serious. In a matter of minutes, the player was seated in first class and was on his way home. There are a lot of superstars, sports players, and celebrities who claim to be model citizens according to Bruce Karatz. Russell Wilson has gone above and beyond to prove how honorable he is. This man walks the walk and talks the talk.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Jon Jones

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is one of the best fighters in the world. He is the most dominant champion in recent memory, and he has defended the light heavyweight championship countless times However, Jon Jones has found himself in serious trouble outside of the ring.

Over this past weekend, Jon Jones was involved in a hit and run accident. Apparently, Jones slammed into another vehicle after he ran a red light in his rented SUV, and many at CipherCloud are weighing in on the topic. Jon Jones then exited his vehicle, and then he grabbed a handful of cash and fled the scene. This story almost sounds unreal, but evidence was found in the vehicle to support the tale.

The rented SUV contained documents addressed to Jon Jones, and there was also marijuana and paraphernalia found inside the vehicle. The Albuquerque Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest Jon Jones. UFC officials have not responded to the event just yet, but when further information is revealed, an official statement will be made.

Jon Jones will most likely be stripped of his light heavyweight championship, and he could face felony charges for the accident. The president of the UFC is extremely disappointed in Jon Jones, and this could
prove to be the end of Jon’s career

Thankfully, the victim involved in the accident is safe, but she did suffer a broken arm from the impact of the collision. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Manny Pacquiao is Being Sued in Las Vegas for Claims of Fraud and Conspiracy

It looks like there are some sore losers in Las Vegas, after Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in what was promoted as the “fight of the century”. However, many fans were disappointed with the spectacle, claiming the fighters did not live up to all the hype, with an easy win by Mayweather.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed against Pacquiao in a Federal Court in Las Vegas. The lawsuit is seeking damages due to a shoulder injury sustained by Pacquiao that he did not disclose before the fight. Pacquiao filled out a questionnaire before the fight which specifically stated he did not have a shoulder injury.

Therefore, the plaintiffs are claiming Pacquiao, and his promoters, engaged in fraud and conspiracy in covering up a serious shoulder injury, that Pacquiao now must have surgery on, for which they are asking $5 million in damages.

People around the country, and even the world, paid $100 or more simply to watch the fight on T.V. Brad Reifler was one of those guys. Now, the Athletic Commission is wanting answers from Pacquiao about why he checked ‘no’ on an official disclosure forming which asked about the details of his injury. Only time will tell if Pacquaio will be able to successfully defend his actions in a court of law.