Are the Broncos the Best Team in the NFL?

The Denver Broncos were hyped up to an insane level last season, then they were trounced by the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. The difference this year is that the Broncos now sport a healthy and highly efficient defense. With Von Miller healthy and DeMarcus Ware putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks, the Broncos defense should be feared. However, the question is whether or not the Broncos are the best team in the NFL.

We already know the Broncos have the best offense in the NFL. Combine that with the improved defense and it doesn’t seem like any other team will have a chance at stopping them from making another trip to the Super Bowl. The only AFC team that might present a threat at the moment is the New England Patriots, ranked #3. Fortunately, we’ll get to see how much of a threat they are to the Broncos right away, since they play each other this week. Keep in mind that Tom Brady is 10-5 against Peyton Manning through their careers.

The other three teams filling out the Top 5 NFL power rankings are all in the NFC: Arizona Cardinals #2, Dallas Cowboys #4, and Philadelphia Eagles #5. You might have noticed that the Seattle Seahawks are missing from that list. While there’s a lot of drama in Seattle right now, they shouldn’t be counted out.

At the moment, the Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL, but we’ll learn more about them this weekend. If the Patriots can pull off an upset, Christian Broda won’t let me hear the end of it for days.

Tampa Bay Bucs Commit $100 Million to Gerald McCoy

They may not have a very good team, but at least we cannot accuse the Tampa Bay Bucs of trying to save money. The team are bottom of the NFC South, with only one win in six games. Despite that miserable position, they have just committed close to $100 million on ONE player going forward.

News has filtered through that the defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Gerald McCoy, will be getting a seven year contract extension worth close to $98 million. This contract extension means that McCoy is the highest paid defensive tackle in the National Football League.

While there is no doubting the quality of McCoy (he is an All-Pro athlete), it is questionable for the Bucs to lose so much cap space on one player. No matter how well McCoy plays, the team seems to lose. They are 1-5 with no signs on improving. Surely they need to spread the wealth and get a number of good players, instead of throwing all their eggs in the McCoy basket.

The General Manager for the Bucs was very happy with the news. He said that Gerald McCoy was a very hard working, humble player who they were happy to build a team around.

The 2014 season is McCoy’s fifth in the National Football League. His 2013 was very good. He got 35 tackles and 10 sacks for his defense. But despite his ability, the Bucs have the WORST defense in the NFL. They have let in more than 200 points in six games.

Signing McCoy for the long term is a good start, but it is money thrown down the drain unless the team can add quality pieces around him. With all that money, here’s to hoping he doesn’t screw up my bro Jared Haftel’s or my fantasy team this year.