Focus On the Hawks Historical Account

The current business environment and the awareness of business opportunities around the globe has ignited the entrepreneurial character in most business minded individuals. In fact, most of the world’s economy is currently being held by the creative minds of entrepreneurs around the globe. Bruce Levenson is one of the entrepreneurs who have greatly contributed to the business world and the economy as whole. He is a renowned capital manger and a very brilliant financial adviser and his skills have been of great impact on the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team which he is a major partner. His interest in business has led him to take great risks in areas where not many investors would dare to dream about.

The Atlanta Hawks on the other hand has been in the industry for years now almost as old as the league itself. This wealth of experience is unmatched by any other team known in the league and this has come at a price for the most popular team in North America. Even before looking at the trends and the path that the team has been through over those years, it is imperative to look at the circumstances that led to its inception. The team was officially born in 1946 and that’s around just when the league was being launched.

After its inception and absorption into the NBA league, the team went through different phases characterised by both successes and failures. Nonetheless, all the experiences were quiet very important for the growth and posterity of the team. These phases made the team the strong household name that it is today. At the time of its launch, there were numerous activates going on in the basketball industry. One of the major activities was the merger between the two greatest rival leagues at the time, the NBL and the BAA. This merger led to the formation of the famous NBA league that has become one of the greatest leagues in America and the most popular in terms of fun base globally.

The league has its greater percentage of member teams form north America and Canada not to mention the world class players involved in its tournaments. However, when the Hawks first came into the league their performance was not as good as it was anticipated but that did not stop the resilient team from exploiting other options. The management had adopted a strategy that seemed quite peculiar but to some extent it worked. After a low season and poor performance at the tri-cities, the teamed moved to Milwaukee in search of better chances in the league but this did not result to the anticipated outcomes.

After a bad season in Milwaukee, the teams moved to a different city, St. Louis and this time success came knocking. The team was crowned the NBA’s tournament champion in 1958 while based in St. Louis and in the entire season it remained at the top doing very well. This is why the team maintained the base for a whole decade and only left when performance began to dwindle again in 1968. The team moved to Atlanta changing its brand to Atlanta Hawks which has grown to be a major team in the league and a big name in the city.

Investing in Brazil Effectively and Carefully

Any investment portfolio must be carefully balanced. The portfolio should ideally contain a mixture of stocks that allows the owner of the portfolio to maximize their potential gains at all times and reduce any possibility of loss. The right kind of portfolio will also help the investor enjoy access to gains that can grow their basic capital and provide them with the opportunity to do important things in their lives such as buying the house that they want, allowing a parent to stay home when a child is young and even making it easier for the investor to potentially retire earlier than they had otherwise anticipated.

Investing funds is just as important as saving money. An investor who can manage to invest their funds in the best possible way will find life much easier. Many people have found that investing in funds that focus on the overseas marketplace is an ideal way to help expand their portfolio and make sure that they can have a diverse portfolio. Investing in a growing nation such as Brazil can help yield impressive gains and a very high rate of return. Any such investment must be made as carefully as possible with the owner’s goals in mind at all times.

Working with a skilled native of this region such as Igor Cornelsen will allow the investor to do their best in this area of the world. Cornelsen has an extensive background in the Brazilian fiscal markets. He has also worked with markets in the United States, making him the ideal consultant for those living in the United States who wish to invest in Brazilian financial markets. Mr. Cornelsen is also an ideal consultant for people who are living in Brazil and wish to help work with investors overseas who may be able to help them gain access to capital.

The investor can use such connections to help them understand how the Brazilian capital markets work even if they have never visited Brazil before. The right assistance is vital when the investor wishes to be part of this area of the world. Effective investors can see quite impressive rates of return when they invest here. They are often able to also help locals who want to start an existing business that is able to reach local area consumers as well as many other international markets all across the world where Brazlian products are highly prized.

Squaw Valley Ski is World Class in More Ways Than One


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is world famous for a reason. It could be because of its sweeping slopes that are silhouetted by breathtaking mountains. Perhaps it’s because of world class CEO Andy Wirth. Regardless, you and your loved ones are sure to have a winning time.

About Squaw Valley Ski

Squaw Valley Ski is located in the Olympic Valley of California. Andy became leader of the resort around 2010 when he saw the potential of the resort. It’s been through an amazing transformation since then. Around 70 million dollars were spent on updates. The resort joined forces with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort shortly after. This allowed for there to be even more possibilities for vacationers. 

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows tells you all about the various things to do at the resort. During the winter you can enjoy skiing on the beautiful slopes. Other activities include ice skating on an Olympic rink, snow tubing and riding on miniature snow mobiles. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the resort isn’t only open during winter. The summer months are plentiful, and they’re filled with activities like geocaching, biking, tennis, and ropes courses. 

There is plenty of entertainment to go around. You can be sure to find a lot of food, and lodging options as well. Don’t forget to check out the Olympic Museum. With so many great times it’s no wonder that customers have given rave reviews of Squaw Valley. 

About Andy

You’ve probably seen Andy on Undercover Boss, which is a show about bosses who learn to walk in the shoes of their employees. Andy has been in the mountain and ski business for his whole life. He was born in Germany and moved to the United States to attend Colorado State University. Once he was there, he decided to actively pursue his dreams of being in the resort field. After that, Andy went to school in Scotland where he gained even more valuable outdoor experience. He’s talented at marketing, having worked at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. It was there he grew even more into the leader he is today.

Andy is involved in philanthropy and helps with the Wounded Warrior Project. He focuses on helping to make the Lake Tahoe area a better place.

Bruce Levenson Leaves Atlanta Better Than He Found It

The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the most overlooked teams in the NBA ever since their inception and for mostly good reason. Since being established in 1946 as the Tri Cities Blackhawks Atlanta has only won one championship and that was back in 1958. For years Atlanta has been fighting for coverage in the shallow Eastern Conference, only managing to get attention when they can’t be ignored anymore. Last year we saw Atlanta win 60 games and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals before bowing out to Cleveland. In the offseason team owner Bruce Levenson sold off his stock in the team to a coalition lead by Grant Hill. Now where will Atlanta go?

Bruce Levenson bought into the Hawks back in 2002 and immediately started to shake things up with the franchise. He was behind the drafting of stars Al Horford and Jeff Teague and Atlanta’s gradual ascension to Eastern Conference royalty was due in large part to what Levenson was doing behind the scenes. Now with Levenson gone there are changes being made and those changes include direction subtractions from the Atlanta starting line up.

Atlanta was a Top 5 offense last year due to their passing ability at every position. The Hawks were so good at passing that they didn’t need a single player to average over 19ppg in order to be among the league’s offensive leaders. It was their core of Kyle Korver, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Paul Millsap that led Atlanta past the second round of the playoffs for the first time in almost 50 years. That core is largely untouched but there have been some changes.

The biggest change, of course, is the loss of small forward Demarre Carroll. Carroll broke out in a big way this past offseason as he lead the team in scoring on several occasions all while playing monstrous defense. Next up Atlanta will be losing forward Mike Scott to felony drug charges that could land him in prison. With those two big minutes players gone Atlanta will look to their new arrivals in Tim Hardaway Jr and Tiago Splitter.

The big question going into next season will be lobbed at coach Mike Budenholzer: Can Atlanta repeat their deep playoff run? While many pundits are wagging their finger at Atlanta and saying that the team will regress in a big way, we aren’t so sure. So much of what Atlanta does is built around offensive sets and getting to the open man. The Hawks haven’t lost anyone who is important to that scheme and they’ve gained more experience playing together. if anything Atlanta might be primed to once more get right back to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Bruce Levenson: Businessman with a Heart

Bruce Levenson, born in 1949, grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and the American University School of Law in Washington D.C. After finishing school, he worked as a journalist for the Washington Star and then later he made his fortune as the co-founder of business information provider United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson started the business with friend Ed Peskowitz in a spare room over his parent’s garage. An avid adventurer and world traveler, he is married to Karen Levenson and has three grown sons.

In 2004, Levenson purchased the NBA Atlanta Hawks, the NHL Atlanta Thrashers, and operating rights to Philips Arena for $250 million dollars. Under his ownership the Hawks improved. Starting in 2007, after a seven year drought, the team made the playoffs every year until the franchise was sold. Also in 2007, the Thrashers made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In 2011, the Thrashers were sold for $170 million to a Canadian group who moved the team to Winnipeg, Canada. In 2014, Levenson decided to put the Hawks up for sale as well. Because the Los Angeles Clippers had recently been purchased by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer for $2 billion dollars, there was speculation that the Hawks might sell for as much as $1 billion dollars. However, when the bidding ended, a group led by Ares Management LP’s co-founder Tony Ressler bought the Hawks for $730 million; still providing Levenson with a very nice profit.

With an estimated net worth of over half a billion dollars, Levenson remains active. He is an advisor on the Board of Directors at UCG and is the director of TechTarget, a technology research company. He is also a huge philanthropist, having been involved in various forms of philanthropy with his wife for over thirty years. He is on the board of directors for the I Have a Dream Foundation, the Community Foundation of Washington, DC, and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He also co-founded and runs the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland which trains non-profit leaders and provides classes to undergraduate and graduate students, teaching them the power of philanthropy.

UFC Fight Night Weighin Gets Physical

This week UFC Fight Night 69 will be held at O2 World in Berlin, Germany. Current strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk will put her title on the line against Jessica Penne. Jedrzejczyk, the newly crowned strawweight champion, is undefeated with a record of nine and zero. Here opponent, Jessica Penne, has a record of twelve and two. The undefeated Jedrzejczyk has steamrolled through here opponents including former champion Carla Esparza. Jedrzejczyk knocked out Esparza in the second round at UFC 185 – Pettis vs. Dos Anjos last March.

Jedrzejczyk and Penne faced off after weighing in today and well let’s just say things got a little tense. The two fighters got nose-to-nose and pressed foreheads together. The aggression came to a halt after Esparza tried to put her hand in Jedrzejczyk’s face and Jedrzejczyk slapped her arm away. Both fighters did not back down and had strong words for the other. Jedrzejczyk’s stated that the fight is going to be a war. Penne told reporters that she is prepared to do battle and that the fight will end with her arm in thr air.

According to Kevin Seawright German fighter Denis Siver will take on Tatsuya Kawajiri in the co-main event. Both fighters weighed in without incident. No fighters on the card had issues with making weight for the event. There are a total of four fights on the main card and seven preliminary fights. The event can be seen on UFC Fight Pass.

NBA Owners That Know Business

NBA owners not only know Basketball, but they also know business. All current NBA owners didn’t begin their career by owning a basketball team. They all started their careers in business and built their empires through selling products and services, real estate ventures, investment incomes, entertainment, inventions and more. These business owners’ net worth is well into the millions.

Atlanta Hawks has seven business owners, including Bruce Levenson, who is one of two majority partners. This NBA team was purchased in 2004 and is worth over $300 million. Bruce started his career as a communications businessman, co-founding United Communications Group in 1977 and currently still exists serving the world with specialized information. He also holds shares in TechTarget, partners in GasBuddy and also co-founded DOT. Along with his business smarts, he is a philanthropist. He focuses his funding on youths that have disadvantages in life. His latest funding went to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland.

Michael Jordon and his investment group owns the NBA Team, The Charlotte Bobcats. Michael is well known for his basketball career, but that isn’t what made his millions. His very own shoe brand, Nike Air Jordan, boosted his name, which created more business partnerships with companies like Gatorade, Hanes and many more. His net worth is estimated over $1 billion according to Forbes in March 2015.

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer paid the highest price for his NBA team for $2 billion. After retiring from Microsoft as the CEO in 2014, he turned his passion of basketball into a business. His net worth is over $22 billion and is one of the richest men in the world. He started his empire in the 80s when he teamed up with his fellow college mate Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft. Steve Ballmer isn’t the only Bill Gates contact that owns an NBA team. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, owns the Seattle Seahawks.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, started his career as a small Internet radio company owner that he eventually sold to Yahoo!. He has several entertainment businesses and is one of the cast member of Shark Tank, a reality TV show on ABC that helps entrepreneurs start or re-establish a business venture for profit, making deals with entrepreneurs that gains him an income as well. His net worth is over $2 million. He has dabbled in film producing and owns Landmark Theatres and Magnolia Pictures.

Avoid Self Promotion On Wikipedia

Online marketers and individuals use Wikipedia several times a day. Wikipedia is a great source for accurate information on a large variety of subjects. Some people are always looking for a way to promote their business or to self promote in general, but you’ll need Wikipedia writers to do that. They might think that writing a self promotional article on Wikipedia is a great idea. On the surface, it might sound like a sound idea, but it is not. Anyone that writes about their personal life or a personal biography are blatantly ignoring one of Wikipedia’s top policies. This policy concerns the neutral point of view.

The Neutral Point of View
Let’s face facts. It is definitely difficult to remain neutral about a personal subject. Wikipedia does not smile on writers that do not remain neutral in their edits or writing for the site. Let’s take a look at the neutral point of view. A neutral point of view is not for or against a topic or subject. Wikipedia expects that writer’s will report the positive and negative aspects on the topics that they choose to edit or write about.

Disadvantages Self Promotion
Certainly, there are a few that will proceed ahead and write an article about themselves. It might be about their personal endeavors or a business endeavor. Of course, they are going to write positive information about their endeavors and quest. However, writing an article about personal matters sets them up for personal attacks or negative material that reflects badly on their character. Here is an example. Suppose, you write about your great new software business that is breaking new ground. However, a competitor digs up dirt and discovers that you were suspected of stealing secrets from another company or former employer. The fact is that writing about yourself sets you up as fair game for just about anyone with a grudge against you.

Removing Negative Comments
Suppose a disgruntled former employee or friend decides to add something negative to the self promotion or autobiographical piece that you’ve composed for the Wikipedia site. Well, you decide to edit that information out of the article. The Conflict Of Interest Policy on Wikipedia would apply. The COI places limits on the writer’s ability to edit out negative remarks that are personal. The negative material cannot be deleted or edited out to make you look better. You do not have ownership over the material. Think twice before deciding to self promote or write an autobiography.

Lucrative NBA Deal Values Atlanta Hawks at a Generous Premium

The recent bid of $850 million dollars for the Georgia based Atlantic Hawks by entrepreneur Jerry Ressler, left many analysts confounded earlier this year.

The generous valuation follows a new valuations model set with former Microsoft co-founder Steve Ballmer’s acquisition of the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 Billion, an offer supported by remunerative NBA television deals which have resulted in the catapulting of all related franchises. Prior to Ballmer’s purchase, the Hawks had been valued at approximately $425 Million by Forbes analysts.

Fifty five year old real estate developer and investor, Jerry Ressler, an owner in Ares investment holdings, maintains a $1.4 billion net worth as estimated by Forbes and was also involved in the 2005 purchase of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Professional NBA league basketball team Atlanta Hawks are part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference with a nearly 70 year league history, traces their beginnings in 1946 to the Tri-Cities Blackhawks and their joining of the NBA in 1949. The team moved to Milwaukee in 1951 and subsequently changed their name to the Hawks. In 1955 the team moved to St. Louis winning their only NBA championship in 1958. The Hawks finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia in 1968.

However, the Hawks fall short at 17th in attendance per game and are currently expected to lose money this season. Television deals from national and local sources are expected to improve the franchise’s finances, which will allow the new owners opportunities with attracting Fortune 500 investment dollars.

In a 2004 $250 million deal that included the Atlanta Thrashers ice hockey team, current Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson co-purchased the Hawks and exhibition rights to Philips Arena. In 2011, the Thrashers were sold for $170 million and subsequently relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 1977 Bruce Levenson along with Ed Peskowitz founded Gaithersburg, Maryland based United Communications Group (UCG), a privately held information entity that produces data, news and analysis for healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology and telecommunications. Though the company’s humble origins began with its being run out of Levenson’s apartment, UCG eventually acquired other newsletters and launched the Oil Price Information Service database. GasBuddy, a mobile application designed to assist drivers in locating region specific gas prices is another UCG holding. An active philanthropist, Levenson’s involvement includes Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation, as well as having served as president of the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Washington chapter.

Setting a franchise record, the Hawks won 60 games, the Atlanta Hawks are the only team in the Eastern Conference to have made the playoffs each of the last eight seasons and maintains the following record: 66 seasons; with a win:loss record: 2602-2622, 44 Playoff Appearances, and 1 Championship.

Atlanta Hawks Sold for $850 Million

The Atlanta Hawks have been a prosperous franchise for the better part of the past decade, thanks in large part to the work of Bruce Levenson. Leevnson took over the team in 2004 and since then Atlanta has been a fixture at or near the top of the Southeast Division. Now Levenson is moving on from the team and he has sold the franchise for an incredible $850 million to a group led by former NBA player Grant Hill. With new ownership at the helm will Atlanta be able to take the next step?

The Atlanta Hawks had one heck of a time in the postseason last year as they struggled every step of the way toward the Eastern Conference Finals. In the first round we saw Atlanta struggle to put away the lacking Brooklyn Nets. In the second round Atlanta was bullied by Washington before taking the series in 5 games. Finally Atlanta made it to the Eastern Conference Finals where the Cleveland Cavaliers simply dominated, winning 4 – 0 and sending Atlanta packing. The question most Hawk fans have is this: Did Atlanta miss their only chance at an NBA Finals appearance?

The question begs to be asked for a multitude of reasons. The first is that the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to hold down the top spot in the Eastern Conference for at least the next three or four years. With LeBron James at the helm and burgeoning superstars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love both healthy, there is no reason that Cleveland should be held back going forward. The second reason is that those aforementioned superstars were both off the court or injured for the duration of the Hawk series. Atlanta was at full strength and had no reason whatsoever to struggle so mightily.

Then we look at team turn over. The Hawks bid farewell to swingman Demarre Carroll and his exit may mark the beginning of a bad backslide for Atlanta. Carroll grew into one of the most important players in Atlanta thanks to his stingy defense and ability to hit the 3 ball. Carroll was actually the most effective and highest scoring Atlanta player for the majority of the Hawks run this past postseason. Now Carroll is in Toronto looking to push his career to the next level.

So what can we expect out of Atlanta next season? The Hawks won 60 games while controlling the southeast in front of both Washington and Miami. Washington is another year older and another year more experienced. The Heat have had one of the best off seasons in the NBA by adding some serious veteran talent. Does Atlanta have enough to hold those two teams back? We’ll see.