Cavs Drop 75

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a very interesting season thus far. There was huge speculation as to how well they would be with the return of LeBron James to the city and the addition of big man Kevin Love. As fans like Marc Sparks (Bizjournals) know, they have failed to reach expectations and have been a pretty mediocre team in the league, while there has been a lot of controversy regarding their head coach David Blatt, who doesn’t seem to get along well with James, as well as the fact that LeBron can leave after this season if he wants to. The Cavaliers have been hovering right around 500 since the beginning of the season and it appeared that things were going to stay that way in Cleveland, but they have drastically changed things around as of recent. They have started to win games and LeBron has stated to the media that he feels the best he has felt since returning to the Cavaliers. On Friday night they put on a show that was truly spectacular. The Cavs dropped seventy-five points in the first half, absolutely stunning the Charlotte Hornets and thrilling the home crowd in Cleveland. The team appears to be clicking and firing on all cylinders, as they look like they are playing as a much more cohesive unit recently. If they continue playing like they have been this week, they will be a big force to deal with heading into the playoffs.

Legion of Boom


The legendary legion of boom is making it clear that they are very much ready to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots next weekend in the Super Bowl and take the trophy back to Seattle for the second time in two years. The Seattle secondary are well known for being trash talkers and for coming out before big games and making statements calling out players on opposing teams and declaring their dominance over them. For the most part they back themselves up and they have been on a truly unprecedented run in the National Football League over the last several years.
Richard Sherman is typically the man who is spearheading the trash talking and he has already begun making statements about Tom Brady and that Seattle is the better team. It is only natural for Richard Sherman to throw derogatory comments at the Patriots due to the fact that they have taken over the media with the allegations against them that they cheated in the AFC championship game by doctoring the footballs to give them an unfair advantage over the Indianapolis Colts. This is an easy shot for Sherman to take, but he has just stated that it’s ridiculous and that the NFL is not going to do anything to punish them, just like the last time. It is always a good time when the Seahawks encounters a big game and the Super Bowl is sure to entertain. The has stated that Phoenix, AZ is anticipating rowdy crowds of fans, including myself and Paul Mathieson, for the 49th Super Bowl.

Sherman and Brady

Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has gotten a reputation around the league for being a top notch player that is also very casual and punctual and does not get into altercations with players very much. That is blatantly wrong to a handful of players around the National Football League who claim that Tom Brady is one of the biggest trash talkers in the game and gets away with it due to his image of being a squeaky clean player.

This, to a ton of people around the league, is absolutely ridiculous and it can be proved in a bunch of tapes that have caught Tom Brady starting problems with players on the field. All of us here at CipherCloud know that kind of stuff definitely will not land you a spot on He often taunts other players that have made claims about Tom Brady and the Patriots and he is not shy to throw things in people’s faces. Richard Sherman is the most recent player to come into the spotlight as being at odds with Tom Brady and it is no shocker due to the reputation that the infamous Sherman has built in his short career thus far.

Sherman, however, states that Brady is the one who started the conflict and started all the trash talking that has been going on between the two of them. Supposedly Tom Brady does not like Richard Sherman and he made that clear the last time they played when he made comments to Sherman sparking the controversy.

Playoff Predictions

It is officially the midpoint of the 2014-2015 season in the National Basketball League and it has been an interesting season to say the least. The predictions that were made in regards to the standings when the season started could not have looked different then the standings currently show. Teams like the Hawks and the Warriors are sitting at the top of their respective conferences and no one could have picked that out of a hat, while the New York Knicks are one of the worst teams of all time, although they did pick up their sixth win of the season the other night. It has come to that time of the year when people from all around the league make predictions on who is the best team at the end of the year and who has the best shot at winning an NBA title. There is no question who the top picks are. The clear favorite to win the NBA title this year, according to Haidar Barbouti, is the Golden State Warriors, due to the dominance and clutch play that they bring to the court every single night. They just edge out the Atlanta Hawks, who are insanely favored to make it to the NBA finals. One thing is for certain. The Warriors and Hawks are both huge favorites to win each conference, so there is a great chance that the two teams will meet in the end to declare a winner to the season.

Super Bowl Controversy

The Super Bowl of the 2014 National Football league season is set to be a strange one. Although perhaps the two best teams in the NFL have made it to the big show and will be going heads up against each other to determine the Super Bowl winner, both teams have controversy surrounding their road to the playoffs. In Seattle, it truly was a tale of luck and might that got them the win late in the game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. They pulled off a truly incredible comeback, propelling themselves into the Super Bowl. The Patriots on the other hand, absolutely smashed the Indianapolis Colts and stepped on their necks in the fourth quarter to put the game far out of reach. This is where the big scandal comes in. The patriots are yet again under fire for being caught cheating. Although there is no official report on the findings, the Patriots reportedly intentionally deflated the footballs for the game on Sunday in an attempt to make it easier to grip and to throw. Gianfrancesco Genoso believes that regardless of whether these allegations are true, nearly everyone in the NFL is going to believe that the Patriots are cheaters, due to their history of being caught cheating in recent years. The New England Patriots were caught several years ago taping other teams’ practices and were caught by the league, so no one will feel sorry for them this time.

Colts Lose AFC Title Game

The Colts got embarrassed by the Patriots in the AFC title game on Sunday. The Colts lost 45-7 to a Patriots team that is red hot. They have been on fire for most of the season, and they have kicked up their play a notch since they got to the postseason.

The torch was very close to being passed from the Patriots to the Colts, but the Patriots just made it to their sixth Super Bowl in this era of the franchise.  As Fersen Lambranho knows, the team has been to eight overall, and they are certainly not looking like they will stop. More on fan Lambranho is available on Tom Brady was on fire all day, and the running game was able to get going so that they could control the clock. However, there is a bit of controversy about the footballs that has marred the win a bit. The game itself was a testament to what the Patriots are capable of, and it may be the last bad loss for the Colts. We should all think that Andrew Luck is not going to lose a game like this again because he has seen the light, and he does not want to walk off a field feeling like that ever again.

Hawks Rule by Committee


The Atlanta Hawks  are hands down one of the biggest surprises thus far of the 2014-2015 season. According to a Bulls Eye View, no one could have made the call that the Atlanta Hawks would be sitting atop the Eastern Conference, while smashing team after team night in and night out. Atlanta Hawks fans, Dave and Brit Morin are excited to see their teams stats doing so well.
The Atlanta Hawks dropped six games earlier in the season, but took it to heart and have only lost two games since then. Not only have they been beating teams in the East up, but they have been consistently going into Western Conference team’s home arenas and embarrassing them on their own court. Yes, the Atlanta Hawks are for real, but what’s all the more shocking is the fact that they do not have any big name superstars on their roster. Typically when a team is remarkably good they have at least one major superstar in the league, if not several that the team. However, this is not the case with the Atlanta Hawks, who are pretty much all-stars by committee. The Hawks have a plethora of great players that you wouldn’t throw out there when talking about top notch players in the league but it appears to be working wonders for them. Perhaps it is this fact that is allowing them to play so unselfishly and cohesively night in and night out. The Hawks are the best team in the East and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Thunder Looking Healthy

Although the Oklahoma City Thunder are likely one of the best teams in the Western Conference, boasting two of the hottest players in basketball in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, they had a very mediocre beginning of the regular season. This was likely due to the fact that both of their stars were out of commission at the same time and it led to the Oklahoma City Thunder dropping game after game as the duo sat on the side of the court in suits, watching their teammates struggle to put points on the board and defend opposing teams. However, since the Thunder has gotten their roster healthy they have been winning some very big games. The other day the Oklahoma City Thunder took down the hottest team in the league in the Golden State Warriors as they knocked them off in pretty spectacular fashion, handing them only their sixth loss of the entire season. As the second half of the season is upon us, it will be imperative for the Thunder that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook stay healthy if they want to make a realistic shot at an NBA title this season. We all saw what happens when they two of them are not in uniform, so they need to remain healthy for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs. If they can do this, they hands down are one of the best teams in basketball. Gianfrancesco Genoso of Hotfrog couldn’t agree more, nor could he be more excited to see how it all turns out.

Sixers Stay Afloat

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 National Basketball Association season; there was a ton of media attention regarding the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, who had been called perhaps the worst team to ever place professional basketball. Although they had one of the weakest offenses on paper, their defense is actually above average across the entire NBA. Still, many people thought that the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers would only post a handful of wins in the season’s entirety, but with the midpoint of the season on us, the Sixers have already won eight games. They aren’t even the worst team in the league, as they sit three games above the New York Knicks, who have had a historically bad season that few could have contemplated at the beginning of the season. Carmelo Anthony has been out for the Knicks, but it is jaw-dropping how badly they have been playing. Philadelphia, on the other hand, has seemed to be putting the pieces back together to a franchise that has its hopes of turning around as they have been winning a lot more games as of recent. It is clear to Igor Cornelsen of that the reports were inaccurate in regards to the Seventy-Sixers, as they have already surpassed the win totals that people expected they would finish the season with. Although the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers appear to have turned their franchise around, they will still have to overcome a lot of they expect to rise to prominence once again.

Sherman Backs up Claims

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is a player that is not known to shy away from an opportunity to make a bold prediction about a game or to call a player from an opposing team out. This week would be no exception, as the Seattle Seahawks geared up to play the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game on Sunday. The last time the Packers played the Seahawks, it was undoubtedly clear that Aaron Rodgers was completely avoiding throwing the ball in the direction of Richard Sherman.

Honestly, it is kind of hard to blame him, as young Richard Sherman has more interceptions in his first four seasons than any other player in history. Not only that, but his clutch play in big games is uncanny and Aaron Rodgers seems to have a knack for picking up on things the way that Tom Rothman picks hits in Hollywood. Sherman stated to the media that Aaron Rodgers was fine and that his calf is not a problem and that he is likely playing it up to use to his advantage because he is a smart player. He also dared Aaron to throw to him and egged him on to the media outlets. Aaron Rodgers obviously heard, as he threw a deep ball in the direction of Sherman in the first several minutes of the game. Sherman was ready, as he picked Aaron Rodgers and got the last laugh when the Seahawks made a heroic comeback and fought back to win the game in overtime