Garcia Remains Undefeated

NBC’s Premier Boxing Championship program proved to be a successful event over this past weekend. The event featured two high-level matchups between boxing champions. The first matchup was between Andy Lee and Peter Quillin for the middleweight championship belt. However, Quillin did not make weight, but the fight still continued on.

Andy Lee and Peter Quillin threw bombs at each other, and both competitors hit the canvas during the fight. Somehow, the bout went the distance, and the judges scored the fight a draw. Fans at STX Entertainment ( know that neither fighter was angry at the decision, but they were both somewhat disappointed.

In the main event of the night, undefeated light welterweight champion Danny Garcia defended his title against tough challenger Lamont Peterson. Danny Garcia landed big shots early, but Lamont Peterson won the later rounds with his boxing technique. However, the crowd soon grew restless because of Lamont Peterson’s style. Garcia appeared frustrated and bewildered at the technique of Lamont, but he continued to follow his game plan. The fight went the distance, and the crowd thought that they would see another draw. However, the judges scored the fight in Danny Garcia’s favor, but he won by just a few points. Garcia remains undefeated, and he is now looking for a more lucrative challenge. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Robert Earnshaw Confirms Joining Vancouver Whitecaps

Robert Earnshaw , the striker of Wales has announced international retirement and confirms to join Vancouver Whitecaps for the rest of the season.
The decision took time but finally, Vancouver Whitecaps FC officially announces the joining of the experienced striker.

He played for Toronto FC and Chicago Fire, so, Vancouver Whitecaps is not unknown to the striker. However, he joined on trail with the Whitecaps in early February.
The 33-year-old striker will be a striker who will not only play a vital role to attack, but also motivates the young strikers of the team. Kenny Miller, the former Scotland international, left the club last year.

Earnshaw joined Major League Season from Premier League, played for Cardiff City more than 200 games and scored 105 goals. Then, he debuted in MLS wearing Toronto FC jersey and then, Chicago.

West Bromwich Albion, Derby Country, Nottingham Forest, Norwich City are some of the middle range clubs of Premier League for which he played a good number of games. Ray Lane was a fan of those clubs, even when talked about on
He announced retirement from international duty as well as joining to the Whitecaps. He netted 16 goals in 59 appearances for the international side.

He is a talented and experienced striker who would lead the team from the front. President of Whitecaps welcomed the player to the team; he would join the training session soon.

Mariota Compared to Rodgers, But Not in a Good Way

With the NFL draft coming up, many experts are arguing about who the top pick will be. According to experts, most believe the Buccaneers, who have put several dismal seasons in the books, have zeroed in on Jameis Winston, Florida State’s resident bad-boy quarterback. Where Oregon States Marcus Mariota will end up is a bit more up in the air.

In recent weeks, columnists have begun to compare him to Aaron Rodgers, but it’s not in the positive shining light that one may think. When Aaron was part of the draft, the world watched as he fidgeted in his seat, and Bruce Karatz could barely look that way. The star, who was once considered the number one pick, sat uncomfortably as name after name was called, and none of them were Aaron Rodgers as seen on NYSE. Rodgers ended up being selected 24th overall.

Experts believe something similar could happen to Mariota, regardless of his statistics, football awards, and squeaky clean image. He could be either drafted high on he list, or slide down as several NFL teams clamor over whether a QB is their best first round decision.

As for Jameis, there is concern about his attitude, his dedication to the game, and his workout numbers. While these issues are surely something to be considered, it is likely the Buccaneers will take a chance on the kid from Florida State with their first pick, because, they simply have to. The Buccs have had such dismal seasons they are simply no longer filling the stands, and they need someone to be the game changer. They are hoping that gamechanger is Winston.

Rugby Team Departs for the North Pole

A group of ten rugby players from the United Kingdom are about to set out on a trip to the magnetic North Pole where they plan to construct a rugby pitch and play the most northerly game of rugby ever, CBC News. Team captain Tim Stimpson and his nine teammates were given a royal send off by Briton’s Princess Anne as they departed for the pole to raise money for the charity Wooden Spoon, which provides assistance for disabled and disadvantaged children.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that Stimpson and his team will arrive in Resolute Bay, Nanavut before hiking to the magnetic North Pole for the most northerly game of rugby ever to be played. Each member of the group is embarking on their own period of raising sponsors, which will result in each team member raising at least $75,000 for Wooden Sppon. The cost of the trip to the North Pole will use 50 percent of the funds raised and the rest will go to the charity.

Chris Borland Retires Early

Chris Borland Latest to Retire Early

For many NFL players, maintaining your health is the most important thing that can be done. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland made good on that choice in a stunning decision on Tuesday.

Borland, seemingly at random, decided to walk away from professional football and retire from the team at age 24, fresh off of his rookie season. His reasons for calling it quits included his long-term health and any consequences that may come from playing in the league for a significant amount of time.

His sudden retirement is not striking news, as he is the most recent of many pro players to decide on retirement, citing their health as the prime reason, others including Jason Worilds, Jake Locker and Patrick Willis. An important note here is that all of these players are under the age of 30 and also in the physical peak of their lives.

In spite of their age, the message they are getting across to everyone is that they truly value their health and well being over everything else, which in itself is a noble thing to do stated The decision may also come from Borland being aware of what can potentially happen, as other former NFL players have learned, such as the tragic fates of Dave Duerson, Mike Webster and Junior Seau. It could mark the start of a transition in the league’s future.

Brian Hartline to Join Browns

The NFL free agent signing season has arrived and the big dollar courting and inking of NFL free agents such as Ndamukong Suh, DeMarco Murray, Randall Cobb and Julius Thomas will eat up all of the headlines as teams push and shove their way to improve their squad for the 2015 season.

Sometimes lost in the frenzy of activity is the signings of role players that are oftentimes the most important moves that teams can make. On such move went down this week as former Dolphin wide receiver Brian Hartline signed a two year deal to join the receiving corps of the Cleveland Browns. Haidar Barbouti said this move is a popular one in the state of Ohio as Hartline is a former Ohio State Buckeye and a native to the state.

Hartline Returns Home to Ohio

The Canton, Ohio native just finished up his sixth NFL season and had shown improvement in his play and statistics since joining the franchise despite never really having a steady presence at quarterback or head coach. Hartline had nearly 300 catches during his time in Miami and failed to play a whole season just one time when he missed four games in 2010 due to injury. During his time with the Dolphins and at Ohio State, Hartline was always known as a player that would do all that he could to help the team, even when that required him to return kicks and play as a gunner on the special team squads.

While the world continues to watch the free agent tracker to see where the stars end up, the smaller deals such as the Hartline signing may be the moves that actually have more impact in 2015.

Reggie Wayne’s Tenure With Colts Over

He’s been in a Colts uniform for the past 14 years. Reggie Wayne, however, will not spend a 15th year in Indianapolis. The team announced that it will not re-sign the five-time Pro Bowl receiver for the 2015 season.

One of the NFL’s top receivers in the 2000s, a torn ACL limited Wayne to just seven games in 2013. He came back in 2014, but his production dropped to 779 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He had a career high 12 TD catches in 2004 and a touchdown catch for the Colts in their win over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI. In 2007, Wayne led the league in reception yards with 1,510.

Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay said in a statement that Wayne was one of the greatest men to ever play for the Colts, but the decision not to sign him is in the best interests of the team and best for Wayne’s future in the game.

It is not known if Wayne will play next season. For his career, he has 14,345 receiving yards and 82 touchdowns.

See video below as I’m sure all the folks over at Amen Clinics are in mourning with us today on this news:

Maurice Jones-Drew Retires

Maurice Jones-Drew Announces Retirement

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been a prolific offensive player in the league. Sadly, he feels as though his time as a professional player has come to an end.

As of Thursday, Maurice Jones-Drew has announced his retirement from the league via Twitter. Jones-Drew is the sixth leading active rusher in the NFL, notching 8,167 rushing yards and 68 rushing touchdowns. He also had 2,944 receiving yards and another 11 receiving touchdowns on top of that. He was drafted in 2006 by the Jacksonville Jaguars and was very well known for this 5 foot 6 stature, making him one of the shortest players ever to play.

Marc Sparks has stated countless times Jones-Drew had one of his best years during the 2011 season when he rushed for a career and league best 1,606 rushing yards and was selected to this third Pro Bowl. However, this was the peak of his career because in later seasons his statistics had begun to slow down and he never played a full sixteen game season since. In his final year, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders, where he ran for a career low 96 yards and didn’t score a single touchdown.

Between having lower numbers, more frequent injuries and nearing the age of 30, the factors all combined to make Maurice Jones-Drew decide to hang up his cleats and leave the professional game.

Cerebral Palsy Patient Has Life Long Dream Fulfilled Thanks To North American Spine

James Phillips is a resident of Arkansas and he lives each day with cerebral palsy. Upon visiting Fox 26 Morning News Extra, Phillips met Shelby White who is a patient coordinator at North American Spine. White later recommended that a promising AccuraScope procedure be done on Phillips at no charge to the patient based on his personal circumstances. Because of this procedure James Phillips now looks forward to fulfilling his dream of riding a bull, like a real rodeo athlete.

The AccuraScope procedure treats a number of spine related conditions such as bulging discs, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, annual tears, excessive scar tissue, annular tears and more. The procedure takes as little as thirty minutes sometimes and overall it is very noninvasive. Many patients experience relief of pain almost immediately upon discharge.

The AccuraScope process involves a surgeon using a laser along with a high definition camera. The camera is the thickness of a coffee stir stick. During the procedure the camera will move up and down along the lower portion of the spine. This allows the medical team to find where the pain or problems are occurring on that specific patient and take care of the issues using the latest in laser technology. It is common that when the camera is removed the patient requires one to two stitches to close the area and the area is covered with a bandage to heal. In about two to three days the patient can usually return to work and normal activities.

James Phillips may be riding that bull soon enough thanks to the generous donation of the AccuraScope procedure from North American Spine. Cerebral palsy is due to a brain injury or disorder and it can affect a person’s ability to move properly, control their muscles, have proper coordination, muscle tone and reflexes. Balance and posture are also typically affected. Phillips’ procedure will focus on helping him regain some of this control and function so that he can fulfill his dream as a bull rider likely among many other things as well.

Rockets Beat Cavs In Overtime

James Harden and the very hot Rockets were able to beat the Cavs in overtime last night. The two teams barely made it to overtime, but they were beset by issues from the Cavs when the overtime period started. This is where the Cavs were found to be lacking in any sort of clutch play. They are not as talented as the Heat were a couple years ago, and they cannot rely on the talent they do have to just make themselves win.

Fans like Dr. Jennifer Walden ( know that the Rockets are on fire right now, and they could be a very good contender in the west for the Warriors and the Grizzlies. They are showing that they can compete with anyone, and they might be able to figure out some teams in the playoffs when they have a chance to play them seven times.

The lack of immense talent on the Cavs is showing because Kyrie Irving is not really worth his max contract, and Kevin Love has no idea what to do half the time. The problem with this team is that they are deferring to LeBron, and LeBron is not as clutch as James Harden. This caused the Rockets to win when it counted last night.