Healthy Nutrition for Your Dog Starts with Beneful by Purina

Beneful by Purina offers a variety of dry and moist dog food and dog treats that carry all the good ingredients your dog requires to stay healthy. Some of the varieties of dry dog foods by Beneful are as follows with at least 90% favorable consumer response.

1. Beneful Original Dry Dog Food with Real Beef

This variety of Beneful carries a 4.5-star rating with ingredients such as an abundance of antioxidants and 100% of the nutrients needed daily for good health. His or her dog will love the mixture of crunchy yet tender beef morsels in every bite. Add to this spinach, peas and carrots.This variety is available in seven different size bags from 3.5 pounds up to 44-pound bags.

2. Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken carries a 4.6-star rating. He or she will find loads of tender yet crunchy bites of chicken as the number one ingredient, followed by carrots, tomatoes, and avocados. Add to this an abundance of antioxidants to help keep your dog healthy. This variety is available in four different size bags from 3.5 pounds to 31.1 pounds.

3. If his or her dog prefers fish to beef or chicken Beneful has a real salmon dry dog food with a 4.9-star rating on Fish is full of omega-rich nutrients to help keep your dogs hair shiny while keeping skin healthy. While fish, of course, is the number one ingredient it is followed by an abundance of sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and, of course, plenty of antioxidants to help keep the dog’s immunity operating at maximum levels. This variety comes in five different size bags from 3.5 pounds to 44-pound bags.

4. Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Beef and Egg (Playful Life) carries a 4.8-stars. The beef being the number one ingredient, in addition to the added eggs makes this choice full of protein in addition to 100% of all the other nutrients, such as, but not limited to blueberries and spinach that is needed to keep the dog healthy. This variety of Beneful on target comes in four different sizes, such as the 3.5-pound bag, up to the 31.1-pound bag.

5. Puppies require a bit different formula in his or her daily food intake because he or she is growing and requires essential nutrients in different amounts. Beneful Dry Dog Food, Healthy Puppy rated a 4.7-star contains all the good stuff for puppies to gain a good foothold in life. This formula contains 100% of all the daily nutrients a puppy needs. Additionally, DHA is added to help with brain function and this supports excellent eye health and development. This formula is available in three sizes, 3.5-pound bags up to 15.5-pound bags.

Keep Your Canine Companion Healthy

I recently suffered the premature loss of a beloved canine companion as the result of an unexpected health problem. My dear doggy friend (a black and tan standard Dachshund) had been with me for almost 11 years, during a period of my life that had been particularly difficult. She helped me care for my elderly mother in her twilight years, and comforted me when my younger son passed away under difficult circumstances.

I have to admit that I pampered her a bit too much by feeding her treats that contributed to her being a bit plump. I am certain that this made her more susceptible to the health problems that lead to her premature death. Yes, I did also feed her healthy Beneful dog food and tried to see that she got exercise. But the truth is that I should have controlled her diet better and spent a little more time seeing that she got adequate exercise. This is advice I should apply to my life as well.

Although it is possible to use fresh foods to craft a healthy diet for a dog on, a far simpler approach is to feed your canine companion a reputable commercial dog food such as Beneful. This Purina Beneful line of dog foods comes in a variety of both wet and dry foods. Protein and animal fats come from natural sources such as chicken and beef, as well as lamb and pork. Beneful on purina also sponsors a number of Dog Parks around the country, as well as offering help to many other dog parks. Take your dog for walks. And be sure to enjoy whatever games your dog loves!

Beneful Making New Dog Parks

The Beneful Dream Dog Park is quite a unique location for everybody to be a apart of because it gives you the chance to experience a great opportunity to spend time with your dog. As dog owners, you need a apace to relax, enjoy, and just have fun. This is the best way to experience doing that. Beneful is known for achieving this and doing so much. Dog parks are super beneficial to use and can be quite worth investing in considering there are so many ways dog owners and dogs can connect with each other in a places like this. This is why Beneful has teamed up with numerous people to help turn their Dream Dog Park program anniversary into another great way to help the dogs and their owners. There are some wonderful people who help craft this entire thing, and they are all working with other people to bring together more money to further improve other locations and help them make more dog parks. Beneful has recently helped countless other dog parks come to life, and they simply want to do more of that with the help of fundraising groups, crowd funding campaigns, and other ways to generate funds and also include volunteers to help out. Their dog parks are some of the most professionally crafted parks in the area. They can be great to experience and can be great to see, but the most thing you must remember is to always witness how well they craft it to fit the agenda of dogs and their active lifestyles. Dog parks can help bring everybody together, and their simple way of making that happen is so beautiful. Beneful is taking you to a new level of fun and excitement, and it can be a great way to help the community.

Learn What Makes A Healthy Dog

What makes a healthy dog? Well, believe it or not, it’s the same things that make a healthy person. A dog’s health begins with a variety of factors that will determine whether his overall health and happiness is good or bad on Like humans, dogs have the same basic needs for good health as humans do. By recognizing and understanding the similarities and differences, we can adequately provide for our dogs needs to give them a healthy and long life.

Shelter and Housing
Dogs require a clean dry place to sleep, rest and escape from harsh weather. Dogs are more protected from the elements than we are but they still need a place where they can escape rain, sunlight, snow or other bad weather conditions. In addition, dogs need a separate place from their shelter to relieve themselves, so any shelter must provide enough space for elimination of waste as well as a place to rest and sleep.

Dogs need lots of water, especially in warmer climates. In order for a dog to stay hydrated, he must have an adequate supply of clean drinking water. Water should also be changed at regular intervals throughout the day.

Dogs are pack animals and are naturally inclined for companionship. Leaving a dog alone too often for long periods of time is bad for his health. It can cause anxiety, stress and physical ailments as well. Dogs not only enjoy the company of other dogs but of people as well. A healthy dog will have regular companionship with other people or other dogs.

A dog’s coat is as important to him as skin is to a person. It provides protections from the elements, insects and attacks from other animals. It keeps him warm in winter and protects his skin from damaging ultra-violet sunlight. Regular grooming that includes brushing and bathing will keep his coat shiny and healthy, giving him better protection.

This is one of the most important factors to having a healthy dog. Many dog owners give their dog’s table food or food that was intended for human consumption. But a dog’s digestive system is not meant to process many of the foods we eat. Foods like potato chips, ice cream or cookies can be detrimental to a dog’s health. For healthy well-balanced, nutrition, Beneful brand dog food provides the necessary nutrition a dog needs to stay happy and healthy.

The Promise of Matt Landis


matt landis fantasy ethosMatt Landis, a senior Finance student at Notre Dame University, has been drawing the attention of lacrosse fans all over the United States. From a very young age Matt was always a star athlete, playing football, hockey, and varsity lacrosse four years in high school. However, upon entering college at Notre Dame, he became arguably one of the best players in the nation.


The list of accolades Matt has racked up throughout his athletic career is no where near short. In the last season alone Landis was awarded ACC player of the year, was named First Team All-American, and named the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the year.

matt landis fantasy ethos

While being named the best defensive player in the country may seem like a huge accomplishment on its own, Landis also helped lead his team to be the number one seed in the ACC conference tournament. He even went on to shut down his Albany’s star player, Lyle Thompson.

matt landis fantasy ethos

Not only does Matt excel on the field, but also off. He still somehow manages to maintain a part time job, a 3.6 GPA in Notre Dame’s business school, and was able to land an impressive internship in New York the previous summer. If one thing is for certain this next lacrosse season, it’s that you do not want to be on the opposing side of Notre Dame and their star defenseman, Matt Landis.

Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To A World Which Needs Him

The greatest artists and performers always leave a mark on the world. Sadly, often times people don’t even realize just how strong an impression was left until the artist has passed away. There’s a certain melancholy which comes with appreciating what an artist has given while also realizing that there will never be any more performances. For the most case that’s simply the nature of things. But every now and then something amazing can happen. Some performers bring enough magic into the world to inspire people to go beyond the scope of their normal lives. Such is the case of Michael Jackson and MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

A multitude of people have been inspired by Jackson over the years. But it’s safe to say that nobody has been inspired in the same way as Sergio Cortes. One of the main reasons has to do with age and physical appearance. Most people first approach Jackson’s music as a passive observer. This was never the case for Cortes. He’d first see Jackson on TV when he was quite young. He was watching TV with his mom when a Jackson 5 video came on and noticed her shock. And there was good reason for a sense of surprise to fill the room. On screen was Jackson in all his glory. And sitting watching the show was Cortes, who it was obvious was almost a mirror image. And this is what sets Sergio Cortes apart from most impersonators. Some of his earliest memories are filled with the life of Michael Jackson. He grew up with everyone commenting on the similarity. One might almost think of him as family to Jackson in some strange way. Because from that moment on Jackson would be an ever present force in the life of Sergio Cortes.

After noticing the resemblance Cortes went to work learning some of Jackson’s moves. This quickly made him a hit on the schoolyard. But Cortes knew he could push the act to the next level. As Cortes grew so did his dedication to Jackson’s image. His physical resemblance grew every year. But what was most remarkable was the social aspect. He not only learned how to perform like Jackson. Cortes would learn how to actually act the part of Jackson in the world at large. He reached a point where he could converse with people almost exactly as Jackson would in his place. And this is what makes Sergio Cortes the king of Jackson impersonators. He isn’t simply emulating Jackson the performer. He’s bringing the totality of Jackson as a human being back into the world.

Success Seeking Manager Who Maximizes on Every Employee’s Abilities

The business and technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant. He is a well learned fellow who has done studies on electrical engineering in all the three levels of higher learning education system by having a bachelors, masters and a doctorate degree from Cornell University focusing on control systems. He is a Briton by birth but brought up in Iran. He then later moved to Switzerland where he joined Aiglon College before moving to the United States for higher learning. Shaygan is the brains behind Verizon’s FiOS, Formulated Jupiter Network’s Integrated Operating Plan while working as the CEO in the company and Barclays’ transform and mobile money systems called Pingit.

The creative engineer’s career picked in 2000 when he joined a GTE Corporation, a company that had merged with Bell Atlantic and formed a more aggressive firm Verizon. Serving in great leadership and delight for ten years as the CIO, a highly skilled team of 7000 people was under him. The team was responsible for developing new products and managing IT systems at Verizon. He also came up with strategies and initiatives that saw the realization of Verizon’s telecommunication services diversify and also making most of the company’s operations become automatic. The secret for his teams’ unending creation of new products is the way he divided his staff into smaller teams that could be managed easily and be productive through brainstorming. The teams could solely work to produce new ideas and extra ordinary products never seen before in the market. He then went ahead to test come up with brilliant modifications for the created products and ideas rapidly in a 30 day cycle. The small teams that he formed created software that can manage caller ID and address books in any type of technological device called iobi in 2003. Just one year later, he came up with a device that has an ultimate combination for internet browsing and surfing as it combines a router, modem, and it is portable.

Shaygan is credited for the initiation and development of Verizon’s website, call center and the automation of customer service systems. Also, he worked to reduce Verizon’s budget on information and technology from 6% to 4% that is the industry average cost. Referred to as the economist who wanted to reduce costs and maximize profits, he made purchases from product vendors at a small price and later pushed for the removal of Verizon’s policy that did not allow the purchase of IT equipment auctioned on eBay.

When the time came for him to seek other career adventures, he joined the global business bank Barclays in 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer. Shaygan got a promotion to Chief Operation and Technology Officer as a consequence of creating brilliant products like Pingit that were appealing to many customers. In January 2014, he moved to Jupiter Networks and started another IOP that was meant to buy stocks, reduce expenses and increase dividends to shareholders. He then departed from the Jupiter Networks and later joined Coriant in 2015 and became the CEO where he works up to date.

Andy Wirth Champions Clean Air In Op-Ed Piece

As our nation continues to work towards getting rid of coal fueled power plants, large cities are putting this prospect to a vote. The latest to take the turn is Reno, Nevada. In a recent Reno Gazette-Journal article written by Andy Wirth and appearing in the Reno Gazette-Journal, the CEO and philanthropist outlined the City Council meeting that approved the Clean Power Plan. Wirth recognized that by voting to support this initiative, the council has joined the numbers supporting clean air and has aligned its thoughts with several clean air corporations and business that support this path to clean air. Wirth acknowledges that these forces come from different backgrounds, but have joined forces to support the environment, which earned high praise from Wirth.

Wirth noted that we are no longer working toward the goal of changing attitudes about going green, but asserted we are all on the same page with businesses leading the way. He applauded their efforts in keeping the squeeze on power and utility companies to change their dirty ways.

Wirth asserted that now is the time to continue to ask our elected officials for more cooperation in regards to clean air. We need to steer them toward more decisions like the one Reno’s city council just made, and not cave to lobbyists that are not working toward a common goal of clean air. Wirth ends his piece with a call to action for our elected officials to work toward the betterment of our world by adopting more regulations such as the Clean Power Plan.

Andy Wirth is CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and stellar supporter of community service and environmental service organizations to improve the Lake Tahoe area for people of all ages. After a near death skydiving accident, Wirth teamed up with Ironman to create the “Wounded Warrior Support.” This effort Raises funds and supplies support to Navy Seals and their families.

Wirth has been awarded several professional awards, as well as many awards for his community involvement. Wirth is married to Karen de Ridder. They reside in Truckee, California and are raising Wirth’s three children.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Handy House Cleaning Service

Don’t have time to do your own home cleaning? Wondering why Handy is the most reliable home cleaning company available? Many people are always raving about Handy and their team of professional home cleaners. If you are in need of quality home cleaning, you should get in touch with Handy right away.

Customers have no complaints about Handy. In fact, customers rate Handy very high because the company lives up to their promise of top quality service and customer satisfaction. They do a very good job in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as the other areas of the house. Their cleaners are very careful with customers’ belongings. The cleaners are well trained, polite, and they are highly dedicated to rendering excellent cleaning service.

As a service based company that provides residential cleaning, Handy is a highly trusted cleaning service around that guarantees complete customer satisfaction. Hiring home cleaning service is not something to be taken lightly. It’s absolutely necessary to perform a thorough research, to ensure that you hire only the best around. Handy has been providing fantastic services to clients for many years, and their professionals come highly recommended in the industry. Handy takes the time to screen their cleaners before sending them to clients’ homes.

Handy takes home cleaning very seriously. Their home cleaning products, one of a kind system, and extensive industry experience gives them the ability to make customers’ homes cleaner and fresher than ever before. Their Deep Cleaning System, along with their expert cleaning teams, their environmentally friendly products, their state-of-the-art tools and equipment and their unique cleaning process provide will provide you with a residential cleaning service that can’t be surpassed by anyone else. Handy is the best in the home cleaning service industry.

Handy’s professionals do not move dirt – they remove it. They do not use outdated cleaning equipment or tools that are spread dirt from area to another. They provide a thorough home cleaning service that is sure to make your home cleaner and more attractive. This top notch cleaning service is what you’ll love about Handy’s residential cleaning service.

Handy offers one time residential cleaning service as well as regular cleaning service. For those days when your schedule doesn’t permit you to clean your home, Handy can help. If you want a weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning service, Handy can also help. One time home cleanings are ideal for holidays, parties, moving, or holidays.

People who utilize Handy’s cleaning services usually say the reason they hire home cleaning service is because they are pressed for time and cannot get take care of their house cleaning. If you have a tight schedule, don’t have time, or do not like to do cleaning, why not have the professionals to do your cleaning for you? And there is no better company than Handy – the most reputable home cleaning company around. Do not delay, your very own expert cleaners are waiting to vacuum, dust and detail clean every area of your home.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Let Customers Create Unique Looks

Lime Crime cosmetics is a company founded by Doe Deere, a Russian born entertainer and entrepreneur. Raised in New York City, Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she learned fashion design, modeling, and other elements of the fashion industry. But it was her foray into the music industry that led her to create Lime Crime cosmetics. Initially she created the cosmetics to use herself. The visitors to her online makeup tutorial encouraged her to begin offering it to the public. She did and soon Lime Crime had customers all over the world.

Lime Crime on offers products for the eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails. They include Velvetines, VENUS: The Grunge Palette, unicorn lipsticks, carousel gloss, Zodiac Glitter, Liquid eye liners, and nail polish in a wide range of colors and textures. They enable users to create hundreds of color and style combinations.

Lime Crime offers a number of great ways to draw attention to your lips. One of the most popular ways is with their 21 shades of unicorn lipsticks. The colors include Coquette (Pale Peachy Nude), Airborne Unicorn (Neon Purple), New Yolk City (Banana Yellow), Serpentina (Metallic Green), Cry Baby (Cartoon Blue), Styletto (Glossy Black), and My Beautiful Rocket (True Orange). This is just a small sample from an amazing group of lipstick colors that people can use to take their style to an entirely new level.

Another option Lime Crime offers for your lips is Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple (Ruby Red with Crimson glitter), Hollygram (Emerald Green with green glitter), Present (Rich Berry with magenta glitter), Snowcicle (Clear with rainbow glitter), and Cherry On Top (Pink-Red with rainbow sparkle).

Velvetines are an original group of liquid-to-matte lipsticks. They are liquid when applied and dry into a touch-proof, transfer-proof mate finish. They have the texture of rose petals. They come in 16 great shades with names like Jinx (Witchberry Purple), Squash (Glowstick Orange), Rave (Electric Lavender), Red Velvet (Reddest Red), Salem (Dark Brown), Pink Velvet (Perfect Pink), Shroom (90s Brown), Wicked (Deep Red), Pansy (Deep Purple), Black Velvet(Blackest Black),Riot(Marsala), and many more.

To give your eyes an unforgettable look, Lime Crime offers Zodiac Glitter in 12 shades named after the signs of the zodiac and liquid eyeliners in 8 shades. They are Quill, Lunar Sea, Blue Milk, Reason, Rhyme, Citreuse, Orchidaceous, and Lazuli.

VENUS: The Grunge Palette is the Lime Crime line of recklessly pigmented eye-shadows that come in a collectable beautiful, mirrored box decorated with wonderful artwork. The eye-shadow has a soft, nu-grunge finish and comes in 8 flawless, unconventional colors. They either have a glowing or matte finish. The colors are:

VENUS (Marsala), SHELL (Opalescent pink), AURA (ivory), CREATION (Rust Brown), ICON (Dark Brown), REBIRTH (nectarine), DIVINE (Dusty Stone), and MUSE (Deep Burgundy).

For the nails Lime Crime offers polish in 5 colors. They are Peaches & Cream, Once in a Blue Mousse, Pastelchio, Crema de Limon, and Parfait. Plus the line offers limitless designs that really make you nails stand out.